The Longest Breath – A horror short film with a female freediver

This one was recommended to me some weeks ago. Thanks again for that!

A female freediver trains alone in a long pool and pushes herself to the limit… until …. well… see for yourself!


(click to enlarge)

I was about to post a spoilery picture here… but I will rather wait a few days so you have the chance not to be spoilered 😉

This is not my upload, you can view the short film here for free (the password to watch it can be found on the page):

Well, that is quite a surprising ending… and you can interpret the hell out of it.

Was she cursed?

Did the janitor guy drown her with magic powers? And if yes… why? Just because she annoyed him?

Was she just disoriented and exhausted? Even that couldn’t explain it fully…

Why didn’t the janitor do anything to help her at the end?

Why didn’t she react at all to him?

Or was it just her nightmare after some intense training day?

It is pretty dark and her sexy wetsuit and body don’t get the light they deserve.

Plus at the end… the camera is way too far away from her final moments (+ some ugly CGI bubbles).

A well-done short movie for sure… very atmospheric and certainly a surprising end!

Plus you won’t find many women in such wetsuits in a horror movie….

What do you think about this scene?

Leave your comment here … or on the “Community” post on YouTube!

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