4th video shoot + gear update

So, the 4th video shoot went down on the last Sunday and I wanna provide some info on how it went.

The search for frogwomen was quite problematic this time and …frustrating… most of the time.

In the end, there were just 4 participants behind and in front of the camera incl. myself.

I am very happy that “Project F” veterans Lucy (who was in 3 of 4 video shoots) and Kara (who was in all 4 video shoots) participated again.

And they even agreed to extend their participation and were there for practically the full duration of the video shoot. I am very grateful for that!

In addition, a newcomer participated in a double role. She was the safety diver for the whole shoot and participated in a few videos as well.


The video shoot itself went pretty smoothly for most of the time and I’m happy with the result.

Tomorrow I will take a detailed look at the footage.

I will publish …at least… 6 videos out of this filming and also some mini promo videos that I filmed as Youtube Shorts.

This Sunday I will publish the first video, so stay tuned for updates!

I updated the scuba gear page of “Project F”:


Feel welcome to check it out!

4 thoughts on “4th video shoot + gear update”

  1. Glad to hear things went mostly well! I’m surprised hunt for more Frogwoman didn’t go so well, but it is an unusual ask I suppose. I look forward to the videos!

    • Well, the date was kind of a problem for many I guess …as it was quite in the middle of the summer holidays, so many were away.
      But I am very happy if I get that pool at all for 8 hours, so I can’t be picky about when that will be.

  2. I know it wasnt ideal, but it sounds very good, there was you and 3 lady divers if i read it right. most guys would be in heaven if they were in that situation haha. i know that it wasnt like that and it is just my imagination running away with me, but dose sound like a nice problem to have

    • It sure was fun, but it’s also work for me as I am the director, writer, producer, and camera guy on the project 😉
      So there is always some pressure when filming those videos. After all a lot of preparation goes into it.
      But yeah, overall it’s quite an experience.


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