The Scuba Instructor [Fetish Story by Shane R.]

Thanks to Shane for writing this one!

Jen was a dive master in Grand Cayman she had met a couple in search of gold. She figured there theories were ridiculous of were to find the shipwreck that thousands had looked before but the money they offered her for her help was simply to good to pass up.

After a few days of searching they came upon a spot the couple was sure to give them the riches they desired beyond the wildest dreams. Of course Jen thought there ideas were completely unfounded.

They anchored and prepared their gear. The ship should be around 20 meters deep and they were well out from the shipping lanes so know one should give them any problems what so ever.

Jen watched the couple suit up as she sat near by already in her wetsuit. She still wondered of their intention even if they found such riches. Probably she thought for her experience and the extra help of retrieving such treasure.

She watched them place there full face scuba pro masks to there faces as they tested there equipment. Jen finally moved to her scuba unit and placed it on her backside. She brought her regulator to her mouth and checked her air and gauges, she picked up her mask and secured it over her face and looked over to the couple giving an ok signal as they all disappeared below the waves.

They worked their way down to we’re the ship should be located. Jen took the lead and as the ship came into view she realized it was not an old ship but a more modern one that had been sunk within the last 30 or so years.

One of the other divers tied a line off to the side of the ship and proceeded in while Jen and the other diver looked on. All of a sudden from a BCD came a short spear gun jabbing Jen in her side.

Jen could not believe it she was brought here for her dive experience simply to help them retrieve the gold. After about a minute or two the first diver who had entered the wreck emerged out of the port. He carried with him a mesh bag which Jen could see held at least two of three gold bars.

Jen simply could not believe it they swam back to the boat making sure to account for the deco stop. Upon exiting the water Jen spit out her regulator.

“What the hell, you brought me out here to help you retrieve this gold didn’t you?”

The female diver who held the spear gun on her held the gun to her not even taking her mask off. She took on an evil frogwoman persona well as the male diver removed his mask.

“We simply needed someone with some dive experience beyond our own, don’t worry we will share some of the gold with you for your help but figured it was necessary to deceive you. It will take a day or two to retrieve the gold but we needed to make sure of our downtime and tables so we have no problems. You will go down with me each time while Margo here makes sure of your cooperation.”

Margo looked on through her mask holding Jen at bay…







It had been two days since Jen was taken hostage by the two divers, each dive was planned out so their bottom time was watched carefully and they didn’t over stay for their bottom time.

The man and Jen actually worked well together while Margo held a close look on Jen with the speargun so she didn’t try anything crazy. This was to be the last dive, only about 20 or so bars left to recover. Jen knew nothing of where it had come from nor had she asked she was simply hoping that they would let her go.

What Jen didn’t know was the man had an ulterior motive, he would drown Margo and Jen and take off with the gold all for himself.

As the last couple of bars where placed into the mesh bag and the lift bag was filled with air it lifted to the surface. Jen watched the lift bag as it worked it’s way to the surface. Margo could not help but take her eyes off Jen as she watched the bag lift the gold.

The man made his move and brought from his BCD a pair of cuffs and slipped one over Jens wrists and clamped the other end to a railing of the ship. Jen could not believe it she would be left here to drown in the depths after all her hard work.

But it is what gold does, it is greed on the part of man wanting more then his share.

Jen grabbed for her wrist as if to slip out of the cuffs that held her to the ship, bubbles swirled around her as she took breath after breath from her now depleting air supply from her tank.

Margo and the male diver swam to the side of her as if watching a show, Margo didn’t pay attention as her male companion moved behind her as they hovered before Jen struggling away at the cuffs.

All of a sudden the speargun was retrieved from Margo’s hand she tried to spin around to her male companion only for him to hold on to her tank. He manipulated the demand valve closed to her full face mask as Margo’s eyes took on a sense of terror. Bubbled swirled around the woman as she pushed air from the mask only to find an airless rubber mask. Margo tried to kick back at her male companion as they floated before Jen, it was like a car accident that you couldn’t take your eyes off as Jen watched the man take a knife from his calf and slice through the hose going to Margo’s mask. He obviously didn’t want Margo to have any chance what so ever.

Even with the air off it made the mask flood with water as Margo’s body convulsed from having no air to fight back. Margo grabbed for her mask as if to somehow find air within it.

It only took a few minutes of struggling and Margo’s lifeless body floated before Jen. The man released Margo and swam her lifeless body past Jen into the ship, Jen could do nothing but watch as he secured the woman’s body somewhere deep within the ship never to see the light of day ever again.

Within a few minutes the man swam out to Jen, she looked out past her framed mask on her face as the man took out a slate and wrote something down.

With her free hand Jen brought her gauge to her mask, 500 PSI. Long enough to maybe survive she though in the back of her mind and form some kind of plan. But she knew that if the man stayed any further down as this depth any longer then five more minutes he risked the bends.

Finally he showed her the slate, it read…

Can’t take any chance on you to survive, thanks for the help.

Jen’s eyes grew wide as the man grabbed for her regulator, she pushed his arm away with her free hand but it was useless. He subdued her free arm and brought his hand to her regulator and ripped it from her mouth. Jen didn’t have a proper breath and she fought back as much as she could with empty lungs. She stared past her low volume mask as the man reached for her face and pulled her mask away from her eyes blinding Jen.

The man released her free arm and with her free hand she searched for her regulator, she swept her right arm as an instructor would and brought her reg to her mouth. The mask had not fallen from her face and she brought it back into position over her eyes and nose clearing her mask. When she was finally able to see she caught a glimpse of the man behind her, for he did the same he had done with Margo, he manipulated her demand valve closed and watched Jen struggle for air from a regulator that would give nothing. He brought his knife to the hose and sliced it cutting off any means of Jen having air. With her air hose cut and still shackled to the ship she had no chance what so ever.

The man swam from her backside and watched Jen struggling with the airless regulator in her mouth. Air spewed out from the cut air hose till it was empty. He watched intently as Jen’s body rebelled against the water that was now filling her lungs as her body spasmed uncontrollably before the man who would not only be rich but have a death warrant on him for his greed for gold.