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(unlisted on my Youtube channel, can only be found here)

You may watch and download the video for your own use.

But don’t pass the video around or link it anywhere!

Frogwoman Lucy wants to stay anonymous, so I edited this mysterious video in a way without showing her face.

I build three (more or less) obvious Thunderball Easter Eggs into this one.

Have you found all three?


Here they are:

Spoiler title
1) Score from Thunderball (as Angelo was trapped in the plane) 2) “M.Y. Disco Volante” – The crew members wore shirts with the same labeling. Disco Volante is the name of Largo’s Yacht (#villain). 3) And most obvious: A Thunderball book with a nice scuba fight cover

A remark to the Elios Bevertail suit:

You may notice that the smooth skin neoprene looks a little greyish in some parts.

Normally the material should look like the black on her arms.

Well, Frogwoman Lucy is a little too tall for the suit (around 7 cm), but Frogwoman Kara is even taller… and I wanted to use that suit for the video (as it is my favorite one and fits the best to Thunderball).

In the future, a smaller Frogwoman will wear that suit.

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