The female diver, the male diver and the deadly cave [Scuba peril – Hall of FAME]

I stumbled upon this one quite some time ago, but never posted it due to the very bad picture quality (320*240).

Luckily I found an upgrade that has at least a solid picture quality, and that’s the best we will get as this is from a brazilian TV show.


A stunning female diver goes on a dive with a guy (husband, squeeze?).

Soon she swims into a different direction and the problems begin! Will they both survive?


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Sorry for the text in the picture, that was embeded in the source video.

Ha, I am sure you didn’t expect that outcome! 😉

I don’t know why she is separating from him on purpose like that. I don’t know any of the background story since I don’t speak portugese.

And it’s quite odd how fast they run out of air. Hard to tell how much time elapsed, but he realises that she is gone rather quickly. They both should have air for around 45 minutes.

The first time she checks her air reserves she is already out, was she diving around without orientation for over 30 minutes?

However, what makes this scene so remarkable are the “sound effects”. She sucks desperately for air and I actually never heard that sound so “loud” like in here.

I would say they recorded that sound later in the sound studio and added it afterwards.

Her increasing panic in combination with these sounds make a really great peril scene in my opinion! A rare gem!

Somehow ironic that he manages to rescue her, then wanna retrieve his camera, doesn’t check his air supply before the dive and therefore drowns later on.

Wanna know the title of the TV show?


(the episode is “capitulo 3”)

What do you folks think about this scene?

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8 thoughts on “The female diver, the male diver and the deadly cave [Scuba peril – Hall of FAME]”

  1. Tbh I hoped for that outcome. But it would be better for him being trapped in cave and the scuba lady would come for rescue 😉
    Btw I know one Danish film called Dykkerne (Divers) and there is one or two scenes with scuba girl included. It is about two boys who found a German 2WW submarine with secret project and mission. The whole film is very nice, I recommend it.

    • Thanks for the reco! I did see that movie several years back. I liked the movie but I was a little disapointed in the scenes with the scuba girl.
      I will check these scenes again, maybe they are good enough to upload them here.

      • You’re welcome!
        I can remember also a Flipper 1995 episode (series 4 episode 5) with 2 girls scuba diving. I can’t remember the whole plot but one of them later gets trapped in a wreck. Their brother (?) and the Coast guard come to rescue, the boy runs out of air during ascend.
        I’m not sure if I am correct but it is everything I remember
        But I’m quite sure all scuba scenes are worth for upload 😉 .

        • You posted a very similiar comment twice 😉
          Yeah, I guess I have seen all the scuba scenes in the new(er) flipper show at some point, but I will check that one out.
          Thanks for the reco.!

  2. I’ve only just got around now to watching this – I love the way she gives him a passionate kiss even before they go down – imagine how she would be later – they could share a sexy underwater love kiss.


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