Masked, female burglars in wetsuits! – Additional clip

Today this will just a short post, but don’t worry….I prepared 6(!) videos for you folks!

Most of it will be placed on my other blog where it does fit just a little better.

So, go over on Maskripper to watch the videos there:

Masked, female burglars in wetsuits! [Hall of Fame] [quality Upgrade]

Have you watched them all? Good.

Yeah, nothing with actually diving….but 6 women in gorgeous wetsuits…who also rob a hotel in a very long scene!

They did choose the right suits for this movie πŸ™‚

I wouldn’t be mind being the hotel manager in this scenario! πŸ˜‰

Or even better…one of the guys who attack the single masked frogwoman on that boat….

So, as you can watch 5 videos on the other blog….you are right….one more is there for you!

In this short scene the women are testing their equipment while one of them is being in a wetsuit to be the “presenter”:


This will be all for today, but I will upload a “Girls of Thunderball” video in the next few days already (Wednesday or Thursday I guess).

In this video, you will see great behind the scenes footage of the Bond Girls on the Thunderball set. πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “Masked, female burglars in wetsuits! – Additional clip”

  1. One of my favorites, a really funny movie too! Not easy to find out, coming from the far Australia, but is really a classic… Of course, Wendy Hughes and the rest of the ladies are gorgeous and they do a great performance as ladies with the hobby of steal!

    • Yeah, a rather unknown movie with so few votes on IMDB.
      Pretty cool that this UK shop is selling a DVD so you can have it in the collection.


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