A sexy female diver in her black wetsuit, her buddy and the shark [blog exclusive]

This seems like another really bad shark movie. But actually it’s not that bad, it is ok.

Ok, the effects are not from today and the story isn’t good either. But at least you have good long scenes with a female diver and her black wetsuit.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Google drive link

(I uploaded two versions on YouTube, but no luck, so this one is a blog exclusive)

Well, she does look pretty sexy in that suit 🙂

Ok, more time underwater would have been even better…but well, it’s a good scene nonetheless.

This is the movie:


What do you think about this scene and her outfit?

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2 thoughts on “A sexy female diver in her black wetsuit, her buddy and the shark [blog exclusive]

  1. Wow, what an awesome film, they break nearly every rule of diving and a few of physics as well.
    That said she looks very sexy in her rubber suit and gear, one day we will get a woman who looks that good but in a shiny black front zip suit with a black mask.( that North Korean snorkelling spy you posted would totally look the part as a diver )
    I thought it was really hot that he left her to dive alone while he sunbathed. ( totally reminded me of that scene from killer fish)
    Another great scene and another film for me to seek out .
    Shark killer! Hmmm sound sensitive.

    • Yeah, pretty odd that they are diving alone most of the time, especially as they are attracted to each other.
      Well, sadly it’s “just” neoprene…but looks good in this case as well.
      Yeah, the movie offers around 15-20 minutes of her in wetsuit…so yeah, not so bad 😉

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