Black Widow – Female diver runs out of air! – (Hall of Fame)

I guess at least 50% of you folks know the scene, it shouldn’t miss here on this blog!

Two female divers go on a little dive. They get separated (on purpose?) and one of them has no air left in her tank…

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video, with all the underwater action:

Great scene! Nice little fight and sexy sounds… really great stuff!


6 thoughts on “Black Widow – Female diver runs out of air! – (Hall of Fame)”

    • I made it a private video, that may be the reason…
      I uploaded it to youtube and it was blocked right away, that’s why it is on dailymotion.

    • I don’t know for sure, but the close-ups are done with the original actresses (no other way). But I would say they used stunt divers for other scenes.

  1. Looks more pretty than sexy, from how they scuba diving. By how socially interactive they at first, appear to being having fun. I couldn’t tell if the blonde hair scuba diver was helping or fighting the other scuba diver? Is there link to fighting out the name of this movie or show somewhere?


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