VIP Club – March – (and a sweepstake!)

The VIP-Club has been updated with new material, enjoy! 3 new exclusive (as always- not from movies or tv-series) scubalicious videos 😉

Wanna donate some bucks, help a little, and get really good videos in return?

                        (the picture is just a logo for the VIP Club)



And for this month, I…. had…. a little sweepstake! I made a very short video with 3 great peril scenes!

>>>>*EDIT* Sweepstake already finished with an early winner!<<<<


The first one who can name all 3 movie titles (tough enough) that are in the video….will get the password for this month///or a month extra for free, if you are a member already!

If you are following this blog for some time, you should know all 3 scenes, but this frogwoman VIP-sweepstake isn’t too easy (the one on Maskripper is a little easier I guess).

Just use the comment section below! And please use a mail-adress, to which I can send you the password.

(the comments always need to be approved by me first, before they are visible to all – so if there isn’t a comment yet, and you put on a comment, it can be ….that some one else commented before you…)

>>>>*EDIT* Sweepstake already finished with an early winner!<<<<