Youtube subscribers and other news

[1st post for today]

Before I post the video for today…some news first.

I made a post about the race to 1000 youtube subscribers some weeks ago. Well, that didn’t work out like it should have.

Not a really big deal, but I wanna hold on to the reward (the 2nd “Eye of the Storm”-scene) I promised for reaching the 1000.

This time without a time limit. Right now the channel reached 820 subscribers, so the 1000 isn’t far away (+300 since I posted that news).

With a growth like in the will take 4-6 weeks.

And that “Eye of the Storm” scene isn’t the only real …smasher I will post then.

Thanks to a VERY friendly guy I will post videos from a legendary scene that is even better (and extremely rare).

Some clues: a morse signal + a fish species (If you don’t got it already….scroll down some posts….).

Perhaps I will make a vote on what you would like me to post first after the goal is reached.

So, guys have patience and subscribe to the frogwoman youtube channel.

(I know some are waiting for the “Eye of the Storm” clip for a long time…but cheer up…the wait is nearly over)

5 thoughts on “Youtube subscribers and other news”

  1. Thanks for the update Siggi. The videos sound amazing and what amazing luck to have found the video I know you’re talking about! 😉 Its going to be great to see them on the blog and the channel. Shows what a great community we have here amongst us scuba fans! 🙂

  2. As of right now (19:30 on 19 June 2018) the YT subscriber count is 979. Nearly there! Get those two videos ready please! 🙂

    • Ah, I accidentally deleted both videos…..
      ….just kidding 😉

      Yeah, the 1000 should fall the next days. Will post the first of these two on sunday, if youtube is fast enough with the request…


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