2 thoughts on “VIP club 2.0 August – 4 short clips now on youtube too”

  1. Hi Siggi,

    Do you have a really good quality visual copy of Einladung zum Nord for these clips? I have been looking for a high quality version of the scuba scenes but have only seen the compressed (bad quality) version on YouTube. Do you know a place where I can download a good video version. Do you have a good copy in the VIP club or do you know where I can buy a DVD. Google has been no help! Thank you!

    • I used the same source as in making the full video with the complete scene (check the hall of fame for that).
      It is not great, but the best I have found so far. Since it is a TV movie, there is no DVD to that movie. When they show it in HD on TV some day, we should get a HD version some day.


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