VIP Club – Entry site –

In the VIP Club you find selected, premium videos and pictures that I won’t/can’t post on the “normal” blog page.

The Access is restricted to only those users who contributed something to

These users become a VIP on!

That includes:

People who recommended (quality) movies, tv-series or websites that were unknown to me

People who used the amazon-links on the right side (or the banners) and generated at least…let’s say 3 Euro/Pounds/Dollars


“Special people”



How does it work?

Well, on the VIP-club there are three videos/picture sets every month.

The members who qualified for the VIP club will get the password to gain access to the next site.

If you used the amazon links, you need to send me a mail via the contact function (what have you ordered on which amazon-site?).

Depending on what you bought on in which category I get a small share from amazon. That varies from 1% to 10% of the value of the item you bought.

I can verify that one day after your item(s) have been shipped.

The videos/picture sets will hit the site at the beginning of every month (starting on December 3rd, 2016)

Every month there will be a new password.

I will decide if you get the access to the VIP-club site and when yes, for how long (one or more months)