(the movie that started my scuba passion)

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I don’t know exactly when I first saw the Bond adventure thunderball for the first time (I guess around 1990), but it was really exciting to see all that action underwater! In total the movie has around 30 minutes of underwater scenes in it. And the images I saw there….

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….really fueled my enthusiasm for scuba (and other ….interests)!

I don’t know how often I watched that movie since then (and especially certains scenes), but it is my favorite movie!

Bond movies in general are mostly great movies. I love the action, the beautiful women, the evil villains and the great locations all over the world. What a job James Bond has….

In the next weeks I will build several pages:

– pages that are about certain scenes of the movie

– a page about lobbycards and other thunderball memorabilia

– and one page that is about my ideas for an even better thunderball movie.

(in case I win the big money in the lottery or I find some millions in a suitcase on the street)

>>>>>Page 1: Bond VS the Spectre diver under the Disco Volante at night<<<<<

(aka: a shot that doesn’t fit in the movie)

Stay tuned for updates!

And please get involved! Leave a comment, discuss about the movie in general… or certain scenes.





5 thoughts on “Thunderball

  1. Great movie. Maybe too long in minutes, but interesting. Sadly there are no female divers 🙂
    In the unofficial 1983 remake, Never Say Never with Sean Connery again, there were scenes of female divers in shortly wetsuits.

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