The weirdest underwater weapon ever! – Scuba battle with 3 men and one woman –

A couple dives along the ocean floor ass suddenly 2 frogmen appear. One of them carries a very strange, but deadly weapon….what will happen to our 2 divers?

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And here you can see the whole video, with all the scuba action:

Here is the title of the movie:

LINK: Title


6 thoughts on “The weirdest underwater weapon ever! – Scuba battle with 3 men and one woman –”

      • That’s not true. She had plenty of time After she killed the enemy frogman that attacked her, all she did was
        stare while the other enemy frogman swam off slowly and awkwardly with her wounded buddy trailing blood
        into one hand and the shark weapon in the other.
        If she had of immediately gone for the other enemy frogman instead of just staring at him, then I think
        she would of caught that frogman and easily stabbed him while he was at a disadvantage.
        Her buddy didn’t live long after being cut by the shark weapon, but it would of shocked Ludeker
        to know that his frogmen could be killed by this woman .
        Pity she didn’t kick her dying frogman in the balls with her flippers .
        That would of made the fight extra sexy !!!

  1. Glad that the frogwoman was able to handle herself in taking on that enemy frogman. I just wonder what happens next for the frogman and if the frogwoman is going to help him.


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