The (near) perfect frogwoman outfit!

…well in my opinion 😉

In this clip you will you see one brilliant outfit for a frogwoman! It’s a shame there are so few scenes like this with an outfit like this (in color).


(click to enlarge)

And here is the whole clip:

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I guess I would die instantly if I would watch an underwater fight with a frogwoman in that gear 😉

Your opinion?

And here is the title of the show:

LINK: The (near) perfect frogwoman outfit! – TITLE


1 thought on “The (near) perfect frogwoman outfit!

  1. She looks great in that gear, her skin-clinging shiny black wetsuit in particular! Love her flipper walk as they wade into the lake, too. & watching her walking around in her wetsuit in Dr Yes’s hideout. Shame she’s not seen with the zip open- or suiting up, either nude from behind waist upward, or over a scanty bikini.

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