The frogwoman in rubber….and the Orca

Not, I don’t mean the movie Orca, and the fantastic frogwoman-scene in it. But this one is interesting as well.

And thanks to a certain user for reminding me of this scene by sending me the video!


Some folks are afraid of a killer while at their shore and want to hunt him/her down. But one woman is determined to prove that the orca is harmless.

And how can she do that? Well, you will see….


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

(there are some seconds of her later on, but nothing worth uploading)


Not exactly a video for the scuba folks among us (that’s why I haven’t uploaded it earlier), ……but if you are into vintage rubber wetsuits (like many of us)….it is interesting 😉

Ok, I would have prefered her to wear an all black wetsuit with the fitting jacket to her sexy wetsuit pants, but she does look great in that weird combination as well!

The Orca seemed to enjoy the time with his rubber friends…

The movie title:


What do you think of that scene?

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6 thoughts on “The frogwoman in rubber….and the Orca”

  1. Love his reaction on his face when he saw her in water. Maybe on his mind she look good on it. But if I was there looking at her my crotch will surely be on fire. No matter how tight or constricted my wetsuit is. Thank for uploading.

  2. Wow she looked hot!
    I noticed that she also had the top half of her wetsuit on under her normal clothing at the beginning. Mmmm maybe she was one of those rare ladies who liked the feeling of neoprene.
    A picture that portrays killer wales in a good light and strong women who like wetsuits. This was a very progressive film for the 1960’s I will have to check it out.

    • In this case it would be rubber, not neoprene 😉
      Ok, to be precise, the jacket looks a bit like it had a neoprene layer on the rubber.
      And yeah, it’s a family film worth checking out. Even it may lead to actions, that are more for grown ups… 😆

  3. Wow! Actress Lee Meriwether looks fantastic in this scene. It is true that the wetsuit is not conventional, but I must say: her breasts look amazing behind the gray rubber 🙂

    In another part of the movie, there is a picture of her with a full black wetsuit, but obviously it is a large size for her and it does not fit very well.

    Look at the amazed faces of fishermen with rifles. It’s for her on wetsuit: D

    • Yeah, the fishermen had a very ….pleasant…view for sure!
      And of course the male lead surely had a lot of fun too. Diving around in rubber, fooling around with the whale, watching her….

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