The frogwoman and the ….dinosaur eggs(!)

Well, as soon as you think you saw everything, something like this pops up. In this video we have a team of divers with one woman. They are looking for traces of a dinosaur who had killed some folks in the last days. Yeah, a pretty normal dive… 😆

But check the video!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, quite a sexy frogwoman!

She does have a pretty unusual hood that covers much more of her face than the “normal” one. I guess as a protection against the cold water of the pool where they filmed that scene.

The peril scene is short, but not bad. And nice that we get to see her in that wetsuit before and after the dive and later on with the bikini.

That scene is from this otherwise forgettable movie:


What do you think about the scene?

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4 thoughts on “The frogwoman and the ….dinosaur eggs(!)”

  1. May I make a suggestion, KingSiggi? I request to see frogwoman scenes from Shark Attack 1999 – come for the Trimark-brand B-Movie cheese, stay for the frogwomen in wetsuits.

    As for the movie, yet another case of “come for the movie, stay for the frogwoman”, I hope the rest of it gets ridiculed to shreds by RiffTrax if not Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  2. She looked great in her gear mask and regs included, she clearly looks uncomfortable in her wetsuit at the beginning and is constantly pulling on the neck of it. Good shot of her at the end without the suit,
    but they are playing fast and loos with the science of scuba, there is no way you could decend to 400 ft on one cylinder of air, you would use it up in less than a minute at that depth and you would feel no crush on your chest if you were breathing compressed air as it would equal out the pressure, only free divers suffer from this when their lungs are at normal atmosphere pressures and get compressed to the size of coke cans as they descend, however this does not cause them any pain as there are no pain receptors in the lungs.
    Oh well it’s still a great scene.

    • Yeah, his story about these depths are bullshit. You can’t dive below 120 feet without special training and a special oxygen mixture. Don’t know why the “story” was written that way….
      But as you mentioned, the scene has some nice impressions 😉


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