“Double Hose Scuba” by Vicky Devika – [Rubber frogwoman with gas mask and double hose regulator]

Today I wanna start a new series. In this series I wanna present some videos from Vicky Devika who has made a lot of videos in sexy rubber outfits.

So, why is this interesting for this blog? Well, the answer is quite simple: She has done several scuba videos while being in rubber catsuits!

In these videos some great fantasies of mine come to life, and I am sure that many of you will love these videos as well!

For today I wanna present the video “Double Hose Scuba”.

Official description:

“For as long as I remember I’ve been fascinated by the classic frog woman look. Black shiny rubber, rubber fins, and a sexy double hose regulator. While I have yet to try a genuine double hose reg, my latest acquisition of a 3M gasmask with double hose connectors inspired me to try something crazy.”

Here are some images from the video:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)


And a preview snippet:

A stunning woman in a sexy rubber suit.

Her identity concealed behind a gas mask.

A double hose regulator supplies her gas mask with air.

She dives around a pool, massive formations of bubbles escaping her mask.



WOW! That combines a lot of my fetishes in one video!

As you should know by know… I love masked women! For that reason I do have my other blog Maskripper 😉

I also love rubber (wet)suits, frogwomen and double hose regulators as you can see on this blog.

And for those reasons I LOVE this video!

It offers a LOT for me and is also an inspiration/basis for some more fantasy scenarios…but I will come to that later on.

It’s a rare thing to see such gear assembled, especially for underwater usage. I remember only some videos of Rubaquabiggi(?) but these are pretty old by now and were filmed in rather bad picture quality for todays standards.

Vicky does a great job as she shows her excitement of being encased in rubber, especially as she is breathing from her gas mask underwater. And as you can see on the pictures above…she really enjoys her scuba gear and her rubber suit. 😉

I really enjoy to hear her breathing through the gas mask. And later on her breathing gets rather…..rapid as she is “playing” with herself. Massive formations of bubbles escape her mask in quick succession. With that air consumption level her tank must be emptying really quick!

There is very little for me to criticize on this one. Ok, the

Spoiler title
ending could have been a bit longer for my taste. It would have been nice if she had slowly unmasked herself while the camera is really closing in on her. But ok, that is my mask fetish speaking 😉

But that is nitpicking on a high level 😉

All in all it’s great video and that’s why I wanna promote it here a little!

Here are the important links for you:

“Double Hose Scuba” on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika on Clip4sale

Vicky Devika’s website/links

Ok, now on to some fantasy scenarios of mine with this gear!

1) A frogwoman robs Yachts at night. Still fully encased in her gear she is caught on a Yacht and has to fight against a guard/yacht owner or so. The attacker tries to unmask her to reveal her face. She fights back, a long struggle begins. Her breathing gets more rapidly and is clearly hearable. He yanks on her mask but she manages to keep it on. He closes her air valve to force her to unmask……

2) This gear would be fantastic in an underwater fight! Not only she is one gorgeous frogwoman with her mask and the double hose regulator there are a lot of possibilities for scuba peril elements! An enemy could disconnet her intake air hose and she could “screw it” back in. The attacker could yank on her air hoses, stretching them, squeezing them tight so she could barely breathe. Also slicing such an airhose would be rather easy….

I imagine her entangled with another frogwoman in a close fight as they try to get the upper hand over each other….. That would be a dream scenario of mine!

What do you think of her unusual scuba gear and outfit?

You are welcome to post a comment!




How to start some fetishes in the childhood (…without realising it)

This post is for my Frogwoman blog and my Maskripper blog, it really fits well into both in my opinion.

For today I wanna post a short article about a short comic scene that always excited me since I saw it as a child. Back then, of course, I didn’t understand why I liked that scene so much, but later I got it. It seems like a normal, harmless comic scene in a harmless comic for children. But it fuels several fetishes, and I wanna show that scene to you, so you can understand.


A witch (Gundel Gaukeley) wants to steal the lucky “coin” from Dagobert Duck. She dresses like a woman from an insurance company that wants to insure that coin for free. She uses a blonde wig to disguise her identity (a little weird, that that is enough to fool her arch enemy…but ok). So Dagobert shows the room where the coin is placed.

That room is filled with gas, so they need to use gas masks to enter it. And she uses this opportunity…..

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

….to rip his gas mask off (!), he collapses and can’t stop her from stealing the priceless coin.

What is so exciting in that scene?

Well, basically it fuels two of my fetishes:

1) The “masked women”-fetish:

She uses a wig to mask herself so he wouldn’t recognise her. (ok, not a sexy Batgirl cowl, but…it’s a start)

Then she even puts a gas mask on. In fact a second mask. Now she is perfectly masked!



2) scuba/breath control/gas mask – fetish

Ok, she isn’t using scuba gear, but a “breathing device” to enter that room full of gas.

And that sudden act of betrayal, when she rips his gas mask off (unmasking) and thereby forces him to inhale the gas…..damn, very exciting stuff 😉

This “act of betrayal” aspect, can be found in my favorite movie as well. In THUNDERBALL, Angelo, the trapped pilot, thinks that Largo will help him out of his jammed seat harness.

But instead he cuts his air hose and drowns him. (link to the video on this blog)

Ok, much more ….evil …like in this cartoon…but it has as well this sudden betrayal/attack.

Well, and this week, I got that comic book that I had read as a child (after a long period of research to find that comic).

And now I understand why that scene attracted me back then.

Still love that scene!

Ok, that scene could be improved as well:

In my version he would quickly react, attack her, trying to rip her gas mask off to use it for himself 😉

What do you folks think about this scene?

Can you remember some of your first contact with mask and/or scuba fetish?

Feel welcome to leave a comment behind!