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Hey folks I wanna try something. At the start of the Blog I tried to collect some money with paypal on a voluntary basis, and well it was an… epic fail. After that I installed the AD-links, well it works, but it brings very little money for me and is annoying for most of you visitors.

So now I build this little “Support” page. The concept is very simple. I teamed up with Amazon, so you find some links on the site, to be precise for different Amazon-pages. For starters I wanna offer (USA), (Germany) and (Great Britain), others may follow.

What do you have to do?

Well, just hit the link of that Amazon-page you wanna visit. You buy the stuff you wanna buy and that’s it.

Why should you do that?

It costs you only several seconds (just visit this site and hit the link) and you would help to keep this blog running.

And the best part: With every purchase you make you make sure that there will be less and less AD-links. If this works good, you won’t see any AD-links at all.

Here are the links:

(you have to click on the link)


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