Frogwomen in combat! [Fan Art]

Today I wanna present another Artists from deviantart!

This wanna specialices in frogwoman in combat.

Well, most of them get stabbed or speared, which isn’t really something for me, but I know it is interesting for some of the visitors here 😉 .

And he made some really good pictures with frogwomen in sexy suits and perilous situations.

Here are my favorites:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

If you want to see more from him, visit his DA-site:

Sandfin on DA

What do you think of these pictures?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!




8 thoughts on “Frogwomen in combat! [Fan Art]”

  1. Good drawings You know that my biggest fantasy is a frogwoman in vintage black wetsuit infiltrating the enemy zone, and some of us turn to art to make those images visible 🙂

  2. Very nice. Though I am not really into these fantastic ladies being killed or harmed. The artist has a really good eye for portraying action and movement.
    Does he have any drawings of them just in their diving suits ( both under and above water) as his ladies look seriously sexy in their well drawn gear.

    • Why not? 😉
      In my case I’m more into scuba peril scenarios and scuba fights with drowning elements.
      What have you drawn so far? Which direction?


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