Flipper and the female scuba diver in peril (2 videos) + new trailer versions!


Even though I am pretty much disappointed about the fact that there was practically no feedback about the trailer versions I made in the first round of the trailer vote, I stick to the plan and I posted another 4 versions of the trailer. I thought that such a trailer would be really enjoyable for many in our fetish, but well, it seems that I was wrong about it.

The “only” difference is the music in these 4 versions, so please vote for your favorite!

The two with the most votes will advance to the final to battle the two that advanced in the first week of voting.


From now on you can VOTE for YOUR favorite version! Check out this page (trailers aren’t on public Youtube):

Videos E,F,G and H

More info can be found on that page.

I hope you enjoy these videos with the different scores.



Yesterday another S.O.S. Barracuda movie was aired, but this time without any scuba or wetsuit scenes.

The next one will be shown in 2 weeks, perhaps there are scuba scenes in that one.




Time for 2 more scenes from Flipper (the newer series)!

This episode has 2 really good peril scenes with a frogwoman that keeps getting in trouble underwater! 😉

I divided it into 2 videos as there was so much material.

Preview, Scene 1:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the 1st video:

A really fine peril scene….and a rather unusual one!

She was lucky this time…. but she soon gets into trouble again.

Will she get out of it alive again?



Preview, Scene 2:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the 2nd video:

Well, as soon she was trying to free Flipper it was rather obvious what would happen 😉

Divers in movies have the tendency of losing their knives and getting entangled in the net, so they would need to be saved.

Here is seems quite strange that she couldn’t get out of the net as it clearly looks as she should be able to get out of it in some scenes.

But well, then we wouldn’t have the fine scene in the show 😉

Another standard trope was missing this time. Normally when a scuba diver in a movie or TV show gets trapped he/she normally has only a few % of air left… 😉

I like how they all work together here to free her and Flipper from the net.

And I also enjoy how many scenes with women in full-face scuba masks this show has to offer. 🙂

Wanna know from which episode these scenes are?


What do you think about these scenes?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!





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    • Thanks for the reco.! That was actually recommended to me at least once.
      So far I wasn’t able to find it anywhere.
      Will keep looking!


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