Female japanese scuba divers in yellow rubber – part 1

Time for some vintage dive suits!

This time I edited 2 scenes out of one movie. In this movie you can see two female divers in vintage scuba gear incl. yellow rubber wetsuits! Pretty rare stuff.

In the first scene we have two women diving around while taking some pictures. In the 2nd scene a scuba lady has to save a male diver (!) from water bombs.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

I guess I will make another post with more of our frogwoman in rubber 😉

6 thoughts on “Female japanese scuba divers in yellow rubber – part 1”

  1. Sadly, you omitted a night scene when one of those girls dead and the other call her in wetsuit from the boat…

      • You must check that. There is a night scene in which both girls are in the rubber boat. One of them submerges and the other waits in the boat (not wetsuited). She is attacked by a sea monster and the other, when she returns to the surface, enters the boat dressed in her yellow wetsuit and calls her friend when she does not see her on board. Interesting scene.

        • Already checked it out:
          “Checked it out: That scene is not bad…” (from my last comment to that movie)

          • I am sorry. Obviously I read fast and I did not get the verb tense right when translating 🙂

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