Female divers attacks a man by pulling him into a lake! [quality UPGRADE and longer cut]

This classic scene did need a quality upgrade. In the old post the picture quality was very bad. Now we have a solid picture quality and I added the ending of that TV-episode to it.

A man walks around a jetty(?) at a lake, as suddenly a frogwoman surfaces and pulls him into the water. Can he survive?


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Well, a real great scene with a sexy frogwoman, even if we don’t see her very well.

What is really uncool is….. the way they ended the scene….

Here is the link to the title of the series/episode:


And there is one more scene in that episode!

Our “evil” frogwoman attacks a female swimmer!

Already on the blog in good quality!


Scene 2



5 thoughts on “Female divers attacks a man by pulling him into a lake! [quality UPGRADE and longer cut]”

  1. What a great scene. Thanks for posting the end so we know what she looks like without the Frogwoman suit. Shame there is no shot of her gearing up or removing the suit.
    With her speech about sin and punishment it’s good to know there were mad Christian women in the 1960’s who felt perfectly comfortable purchasing and wearing a rubber Frogwoman suit and learning how to dive.
    While I am not of a religious persuasion I have to say that death by vintage rubber Christian Frogwoman is probably one of the better ways to go.


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