Female diver attacked by male diver!

So, instead of showing you a scene from the episode “the amphibians” from “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” (thanks to Fox – wasn’t allowed on youtube) I present you an even better scene!

A female diver investigates a sunken crate and takes some pictures. But someone seems to have a problem with that….a scuba diver approaches at full speed to attack her!

So here is the video:

I love how she fights back, even if her knife attack isn’t very…..good.

Great scene in my eyes with one evil killer!

Wanna know the title of the episode and series?



4 thoughts on “Female diver attacked by male diver!”

    • Yeah, that’s right.
      Thanks for the link to your page! Some really interesting pictures 🙂
      I’m not really into stabbed/speared frogwomen, but the one with cut air hoses are really interesting for me 😉
      Would it be ok for it I make a post with some of your pictures here on my blog? Of course with a link to your site….


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