Two banners for Project F!

Today I wanna present two banners that a very nice and talented guy made for me and Project F:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size – these are only thumbnails)

These images do show what I would love to see in Project F (among other things)!

Take banner 2 for example: Jane Bond in her red rubber wetsuit encounters a SPECTRE frogwoman and that fight can only have one winner!

Perhaps inspired by the fight with James Bond and the frogman below the Disco Volante. 😉


Here is the link to his DeviantArt account, check it out for more gorgeous women in scuba gear:

Thanks again for these banners!

They will be put to good use in representing the Project.

The scuba killer, the VIP and a pool

First of all:

I posted a little update on Project F:

Project F

(scroll down to update on September 26)

So, this one is a little….”cheat”, but I decided to post it anyway as this scene is very interesting!

Let’s start with some pictures (without showing the killer):

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Yeah, I know, no female diver in this one….but there are some interesting aspects to this one.

Ok, first of all, I would like the scene even better if the killer would be a woman. But female scuba killers are an extremely rare breed….

The scene itself is done pretty well with close-ups of him and her. He holds her down by controlling her arms, that’s very efficient.

She tries to escape his grasp but fails, so she is doomed without help from the outside.

The scuba dude is a stone-cold killer the way he drowns her without any emotions.

I wish he would get drowned himself in the end….but that doesn’t happen….even he would have deserved it.

His blue outfit is quite odd, never seen a wetsuit like that, odd fabric. But it makes a lot of sense to fully disguise himself in complete blue so he wouldn’t be easily spotted in the pool.

But…..I think she should have seen him anyway….unless he was in a spot where he couldn’t see him from the position where she entered the pool.

However, since he is using a normal regulator she should be able to spot his bubbles! Well, unless he was able to not exhale from the time she came near the pool.

Guess that is possible.

The next question is…where he was as the agents searched the garden? If he would be already in the pool….they should have seen or heard him! Perhaps he sneaked into the pool after the search, guess that is also possible.


In my version, the killer would be a frogwoman in black rubber (screw the disguise 😉 who sneaked into the pool as her victim was already swimming there. The swimmer would fight back, struggle hard, steal the regulator of the diver, but would be drowned in the end after she nearly finished off the diver.

Or she would pretend to be dead and then attack the frogman from behind, stealing his regulator…. 😉

Wanna know from which TV episode this scene is?


What do you think of that scene?

Leave your comment below!

Looking for female scuba divers / frogwomen for Project F!

The search for stunning frogwomen for Project F has begun!

(September 18 update)


If you are a woman, have a scuba certificate, and can travel to Bremen (Germany) and are interested in participating If you are interested in participating in such an unusual project….. then please contact me!

The other requirements (check the link above) are pretty easy to fulfill as well.

And even if you don’t have a scuba certificate you can participate in some videos!

Anonymous participation is also possible!


Wenn du eine Frau mit Tauchschein bist, nach Bremen kommen kannst, und Interesse an der Teilnahme an einem solchen ungewöhnlichen Projekt hast… dann kontaktiere mich bitte!

Die anderen Voraussetzungen (siehe Link) sind auch ziemlich einfach zu erfüllen.

Selbst ohne Tauchschein kannst du in einigen Videos mitmachen!

Eine anonyme Teilnahme ist auch möglich!



If you have any ideas on how this message could reach as many potential candidates as possible….please leave a comment or contact me!

Wenn du eine Idee hast wie dieser Aufruf möglichst viele passende Kandidatinnen erreichen kann, poste einen Kommentar oder kontaktiere mich!

Wanted: A logo and a banner for Project F

To the creative folks who actually are good at creating a banner:

I’m looking for banners for Project F!

I would like to have a logo for it (square) and a banner (height x1 to width x3 (at least)).

My first idea was to use existing sexy frogwomen from movies and TV shows….but well, that wouldn’t really fit as Project F wants to create new videos and footage.

Something new, something original is needed!


So, if you are somewhat good at digital drawing, I’m talking to you 😉

The banner and logo should be showing a frogwoman (at least 1) and convey the feeling of danger and action.

The logo/banner should feature a sexy frogwoman in black rubber/smoothskin….posing.

Complete with tank and single or double hose regulator.

A knife would be nice as well to underline the action part.

Or maybe a frogwoman in distress (perhaps air hose sliced?).

Or two frogwomen battling each other.


What do you get in return? Besides eternal glory… 😉

Well, if I choose your art:

I will credit the art here on the page with a link to your DA site…if you have one (or something similar).

You can include lettering (with your DA name for example) in the art as long it doesn’t get too big.

You then get one month or more for the VIP club on this site…..or…..a video (or more) from Project F for free. You can choose.

Don’t know how many will participate, but if make something I really like, but I like the art of someone else even better… will get something as well.

And I also could make a blog post here with my favorite designs…depending on the results of this post.

If you wanna participate and have any questions use the contact form on the About + contact site or the comment function.

More info on Project F:

Project F


*EDIT, October 19*

The search is over! Will present the results tomorrow!


Update on Project F – First “job” offer….

I added some pictures of scuba gear that will be used in Project F to the page.

I’m looking for a diver (M/F) with some experience in filming (and some additional talents) for Project F!

Check it out (August 29 update):

I will put the job offer on some sites in the next few hours.

Will be interesting to see how many folks are interested in participating in such a project.

A glimpse into the exciting future! [Project F]

This will be a verrrrrry special post!

Let’s start with this teaser:

Watch the video FIRST before you continue reading!

I thought about not saying anything on this project in advance, but I decided that it might be better to let the cat out of the bag right now… 😉

You folks should know by now how much I love to see frogwomen in action scenes.

And despite all the scenes in movies and TV shows, there is still a BIG appetite for MORE as there are basically only 2 or 3 new movies with (at least) solid scuba scenes each year.

Most of the time I am rather disappointed by scuba fetish videos as they don’t provide what I wanna see (with exceptions) and have quite some flaws.

The idea to make scuba fetish videos myself is very old, but I was always afraid of starting such a project.

I said to myself that it would require too much money and would end up in disaster if I would try it.

Or I was wondering what people close to me (outside the scuba community) would think about me doing such videos.

Well, during the last months I started collecting scuba gear.

Scuba gear that I (and hopefully many of you) wanna see in such videos.

I invested some serious money already (for my scale) and the time for hesitating and looking for excuses is over!

In the coming weeks, I am looking for suitable frogwomen and some folks who will help me making such videos.


So, what kind of videos do I wanna make?

A) Sexy frogwomen diving around in sexy wetsuits (“just” sexy, no big action scenes)

B) Sexy frogwomen in peril! (stuck underwater, out of air, sabotage etc.)

C) Sexy frogwomen in combat! (frogwomen fighting each other or against male divers)


I will also continue to gather gear, to have everything that is needed to start this endeavor.

Also, I will start looking for a guy/gal who has experience in underwater filming and can chip in some other qualities as well.

I don’t want to hire (expensive) models as frogwomen, I rather need women who can really dive and can perform underwater action scenes when needed.

Of course, they need to look good as well at the same time. 😉

I will make up a list of requirements and so on for that.


In the upcoming weeks, I will make some more posts about this special project!

Here is the trailer with another score….a verrrry famous one:


Do you have questions about this project?

Do you wanna help and participate in this project?

Do you have scuba gear laying around that could be interesting for this project?

Feel welcome to contact me!

Any help is very much appreciated!

Check out the contact form on the About+Contact site….

….or leave a comment below!