A woman with a rubber wetsuit meets some evil fish

That’s a title, or? πŸ˜‰

Well, before I am on my way south to the mediterranean , I have another fine video! A woman puts on a gorgeous wetsuit, not only to look good but to have a little protection against some very aggressive fish that is located in the lake where some very expensive cargo was dropped….

Some pics to wet you appetite:



Enough of the pictures, here is the full video!

And if you wanna know from which movie that scene is from:

LINK: The movie title to that great scene

In my opinion a very very sexy scene!


3 thoughts on “A woman with a rubber wetsuit meets some evil fish”

  1. She looks amazing in this scene. That guy was a total loser not to appreciate what a vision in dive gear he had there( I think he was more turned on by dimands) I remember this film. After her amazing underwater adventure she dumps all her sexy expensive gear and lovely rubber suit into the lake!!!! For no apparent reason! What a pair of losers!

    • Indeed! She looks fantastic in that suit. Really rare to see such a suit….
      I guess they wanted to get rid of the evidence (since the diamonds were stolen), but yeah, a real shame to throw away such gear.

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