A Frogwoman and a frogmen scuba battle

Here’s another interesting scuba video!

We have a frogwoman underwater in sexy vintage (rubber) scuba gear and we have 3 frogmen who will have a long, great scuba fight scene…

Check it out:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video….

EDIT: the original, shorter and smaller video was blocked by youtube, so here is the long video (over 11 minutes!) in a very good quality:


And here is the movie title:

LINK: The title

0 thoughts on “A Frogwoman and a frogmen scuba battle

      • the weird thing is, i’ve since found out that it did actually download, even though the site said my download ticket was not accepted. i’ve now seen it.

      • When you click on the link adfly (skip ad) appears as usual, then share-on line appears … please choose your download package? No video indicated ie a frogwoman and a frogmen scuba battle. What do i do? A pity, looked an interesting film, is it in fact *EDIT*? Roy

  1. Funny moment when the frogman shoots down his helpless buddy. Then he can’t survive to the long struggle because he’s so exhausted. Both frogmen could win. But lonely frogman is condemned to death. So, both rubber dead bodies underwater. Do you have others nice fights with defeated frogmen ?

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