2 frogwomen and 2 frogmen in vintage scuba gear [….and one gets stuck underwater]

Thanks to L.J., I rechecked a certain movie. It has many scenes that are….not suitable for YouTube 😉 , but this scuba scene should be ok.

In this scene we have 2 women and 2 men preparing for a dive on a small boat and then we get to see them diving in 70’s vintage diving equipment.

And one of them gets stuck underwater and needs to be rescued…. 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Pretty good scenes…even the fact that the red frogwoman being “stuck” in there seems verrrrrry odd.

She can move her legs and arms, the cave isn’t so narrow, how is she stuck in there? Weird scene….

But we have 2 sexy frogwomen in vintage dive gear…so no real reason to complain! 😉

I had to cut out the short surface scene at the end, because the frogwoman in red…. can’t keep her wetsuit on and is immediately shown nude 😆

And since YouTube lately gives you an age restrictions for nearly everything …..for example if you show a woman in boots and pantyhose ( …on my other channel) I think the YouTube police would knock down my front door and put me behind bars right away 😉

And here is the title of the movie:


What do you think of that scene?

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6 thoughts on “2 frogwomen and 2 frogmen in vintage scuba gear [….and one gets stuck underwater]”

    • I do have an idea where you do find it, but it’s a private community that doesn’t allow new members at the moment.
      How bad do you want that one? It’s basically a mixture between drama, scuba scenes and nudity 😆

  1. Have you seen the rescue part for the home and away? I believe its episode 1145-1147 its kinda scattered and some parts werent shown. Its where the female diver got trapped.

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